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Veterinary Research

Penicillin G: Sodium, Procaine, or Benzathine? Differences and clinical implications for your choice

Penicillin G, also known as benzylpenicillin, is a narrow-spectrum beta-lactam from the penicillin family. Today, even after more than 90 years since its discovery, it remains a valuable tool to combat bacterial infections, both in human and veterinary medicine. But why do they put some names at the end of each presentation? Are they really […]

Veterinary Research

Antimicrobial associations: a tool against resistant bacterial infections.

The development and spread of antimicrobial resistance is an ongoing global phenomenon that predates the introduction of the first antibiotics to the market. Unfortunately, the anthropic impact on bacterial communities has led to this process being accelerated and we experience a reduction in the efficacy of our therapeutic arsenal and an increase in the incidence […]

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Asociaciones antimicrobianas, una herramienta contra las infecciones bacterianas resistentes.

El desarrollo y propagación de la resistencia antimicrobiana es un fenómeno global en curso que antecede a la introducción de los primeros antibióticos al mercado. Desafortunadamente el uso irresponsable de estos ha provocado una reducción en su eficacia y el aumento de la incidencia de infecciones bacterianas resistentes, por lo que las asociaciones antimicrobianas se […]

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